Healing Touch, David Mals
Professional Massage Therapy


Welcome to the Healing Touch!

The Healing Touch provides an environment which assists you in your journey towards wellness­.  This is accomplished through therapeutic massage, other alternative therapies, emotional­/spiritual support and classes.           

Life often presents us with stressful situations, illnesses, severe physical or emotional traumas, and internal as well as external forces that affect our lives in ever-changing ways.  You can manage the results of these forces successfully and often make life more comfortable­, productive­ and enjoyable.  As a professional at the Healing Touch, I will make every­ effort to assist you.           

What is important to remember is that YOU are the healer and your own inner physician has many of the answers that you need.  As a therapist and facilitator with knowledge, I can be present with you on your journey.  Sometimes, I can aid in helping you pause long enough to realize­ that the key to health is often in your own commitment to being well.  Then, with that commitment, we can travel the path together.

David R Mals, LMT, CST